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Welcome to!

Hi, and welcome to my homepage.

This page contains some pictures of places I have been and venues I have visited, some info about me and lots of more stuff soon.. or.. it might not come at all.. who knows.. I might actually take all down.. You'll soon se... This is just for testing right now.. and this site is under construction.. and .. might never be finished............

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bulletGoole search engine
bulletThe famous IT newspaper  
bulletRead the latest norwegian news at VG

In here you could most probably write almost whatever you want about this site and me. I'll just comment on things if it gets to harsh and brutal....:D

In any case please feel free.......

My Pictures

Instant Messaging Service

My new online pictures of vacations, concerts I have been to and my friends'n family. Places to reach me even when I'm not online. My ICQ at work is always online...
bulletICQ UIN : 406896(Home), 3823302(Oslo), 18186565 (Work)
bulletMy Messenger (Don't use this email for nothing more then messenger)

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